Our mission is to provide our clients with safety and pre-qualification solutions that are cost effective, easy to understand and simple to manage.

Encore Safety
Who we are...


Your safety and your success are important to us.

Our comprehensive safety programs and pre-qualification solutions, once implemented and managed correctly will help your company:


injuries in your workplace and the financial and social costs associated


you in maintaining due diligence


train your workers


compliance for COR or SECOR


your ability to gain more work by being able to PREQUALIFY to work for more companies


the cost of WCB and insurance premiums

I began my career in 2004 as a Contracts/Pre-qualification Manager for a large international oilfield service company. That position quickly grew into a passion for safety, which was a large part of the information required to complete these pre-quals and contracts. In 2005, I began my journey as a safety professional and launched my own consulting firm. During this time, I worked with a number of clients both from a corporate administration level to a field level, supervising on site activity, conducting site inspections and incident investigations for several different industries.

While I do have an educational background in safety, I also have field level experience which has been invaluable when it comes to understanding what my clients do and relating to their field level employees.

“I understand the need for effective and comprehensive safety programs.  Your safety and your success are important to me”.  -Twila Reberger, Owner