Alberta Contruction Safety Association Revises Audit Protocol

The Alberta Construction Safety Association (ACSA) recently changed their audit protocol, which means companies they certify must update their safety programs in order to comply with these new requirements. The main change is that formal hazard assessments now need to be completed.

The new audit protocol was developed to answer changing demands of Health and Safety in Alberta and other interested parties. These changes came into effect on Jan. 1, 2013. ACSA believes that the revised questions in the audit protocol are easier to understand and the document is now more user-friendly.

Some of the major changes (as listed on include:

  • Section 2 has been broken down to ensure that companies identify both a formal and a field-level or on-going mechanism for evaluating hazards.
  • Interview questions have been completely re-written to assist the auditor in obtaining more valid information.
  • The number of interview questions has been reduced. Instead of Managers/Supervisors having 42 questions, they now have 21. Workers now have 30 questions instead of 43.
  • Redundant questions have been removed from the audit protocol – document now consists of 85 questions instead of the previous 110 questions.
  • High value questions have been broken down into smaller criteria to allow both the auditor and the company to identify any missing components, while still allowing companies to receive credit for all the work they are doing.
  • Dual technique questions have been reduced. Instead of having so many multiple technique questions, points will be awarded separately for the different components that are being completed.

Further changes may be made in future, depending on the feedback ACSA receives over the next 12 months. To comment on the new audit protocol, e-mail ACSA’s COR Department at

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