How great would it be to have reliable, knowledgeable assistance with ALL of your pre-qualification tasks?  Setting up, maintaining and completing all database and client specific requirements including:

ISNetworld, Pics Auditing, CQ Network & Canqual.   As well as additional company specific internal prequal documentation (questionnaires, insurance, statistics, WCB requirements etc.)

Encore Safety understands that the prequalification process can be a very cumbersome and complex task.  We have been managing contract and prequalification processes since 2004.  We can assist you with some or all of the prequal process from set up to maintenance and troubleshooting.  It’s up to you!

Our programs and prequalification skills have successfully met the requirements for a large variety of companies, for example:

Apache Fortis Nexen
Almita Piling Enbridge PCL
Arc Resources Fluor Pembina Pipeline
Bantrel Graham Construction Penn West
Bonavista Hazco Plains Midstream
Canadian Oilsands Construction Husky Energy Potash Corp
Canexus Hydro one Shell
Carson Energy Keyera Spectra Energy
Casman Construction Group Kinder Morgan Studon Electric
Cenovus Ledcor Suncor
City of Edmonton Louisbourg Taqa North
Conoco Phillips Michels Telus
Crescent Point Midlite Voice Construction
EOG Mosaic Willbros Canada
NAL Resources Worley Parsons Cord


We understand that meeting the requirements to gain compliance with  prequalification databases can be at times, overwhelming and cumbersome. Let Encore Safety remove the overwhelm and take this task off your plate so you can get back to doing what you do best – delivering your product/service.

Complyworks and CQNetwork

We can assist you in meeting full compliance for the above databases by uploading insurance, WCB and safety program content as well as answering all safety questionnaires. Don’t have some of the content? no problem we can help with that as well!

Pics Auditing

This database not only requires uploads of content and answering questionnaires, but also conducts a virtual auditing process to verify that your company actually does what they say they do in their safety program.  We can assist you in being compliant with the questionnaire and uploads and also to be prepared with the appropriate documentation and help you deliver it in an audit situation.

How does this process work if you want Encore Safety to set up and/or Manager your Pre-qualification database(s)?

  1. Your company needs to become a member of this database and pay for the account, if you have not already done so (we can walk you through this)
  2. Encore Safety will send you a questionnaire requesting information and supporting documents that we will need to fill out the prequal database requirements to reach compliance.
  3. Your company will provide Encore Safety with the requested information and database login
  4. Encore Safety completes all required questionnaire and uploads the necessary documentation
  5. If anything comes back non-compliant we will review and resubmit at no additional cost until all information is successfully submitted into the database.

What does it cost?

Set Up – There is a onetime set up fee and pricing varies depending on the database, as some are more involved than others.

Maintenance – We can also manage your account monthly for a minimal monthly fee

(To request more information and pricing for any of the above databases – please contact us)

Company Specific – Internal Pre-qualification System

Some of your clients will use their own internal prequalification process, either exclusively or in conjunction with any of the contractor databases (ISNetworld, Pics Auditing, Complyworks or CQ Network).  Your clients may be requesting additional information or questionnaires to be filled out or submitted.  We can help in deciphering and completing this documentation.

We will review the contract/prequalification request and submit the documents you need to be a qualified vendor to work for these companies.  But don’t forget, it is up to you as a company to ensure the information you submit is implemented in your business.

We also enjoy mentoring and teaching our clients about these prequalification process so they can complete the work in house if they wish.  We have trained many administrative personnel in how to use and manage these systems for their employers.

Interested and want to know more about how we can help you succeed?  Send us an inquiry by entering your information and request here!!

Subcontractor Management

Are you a company that hires subcontractors into your business?  If so, you should have an in house prequalification process to ensure the Subcontractors you are hiring have the proper insurance, WCB and safety management systems so that they do not become a liability to your business.  This is a due diligence practice and one that is often overlooked.

We have a very efficient, simple to manage process that includes a prequalification questionnaire, documentation review and compliance matrix to show whether the subcontractor is approved as low risk or whether they are considered a high risk contractor and should not be hired for the work.  We can provide this system to you for you to use internally or we can take on the work of managing this process on your behalf.   Please contact us for more info